Franz of noble from Sonnleithner

Franz of noble from Sonnleithner (* 1. June 1905 in Salzburg, † 18. April 1981 in Ingelheim on the Rhine) was a representative in the Foreign Office in leader headquarters with Adolf Hitler.

The son of a Austrian officer studied jurisprudence in Vienna and Innsbruck where he 1928 to the Dr. iur attained a doctorate. Subsequently, he was a Polizeikommissar first in Vienna and later in Salzburg, and was active thereafter in the Office of the Federal Chancellor in Vienna.

Because of its occurring for a connection of Austria to the German Reich and its illegal activities for the NSDAP forbidden in Austria Sonnleithner became to 26. September 1934 in Vienna arrested and 1936 because of high treason and abuse of the office force condemns. It remained up to 12. February 1938, the day of the connection of Austria to the German Reich, in detention.

Already to 2. December 1938 it was called up into the Foreign Office, in which it could develop its career. To 9. March 1939 it became Legationsrat and to 13. July 1940 appointed the Legationsrat of first class.

Later he worked in the personal staff of the realm minister of foreign affairs Joachim of Ribbentrop.

Since that 18. April 1941 functioned Sonnleithner as speaking Legationsrat and since that 31. March 1943 as an envoy 1. Class. This position made it for it possible to be present in the Führerhauptquatieren to also often represent and Ambassador Walter Hewel, so also to 20. To July 1944 as the assassination attempt Claus give count von Stauffenbergs on Hitler took place, who survived Sonnleithner however intactly.

By April 1945 to 1948 it stuck in different American internment camps . Afterwards, at the 1. , He could seize September 1949 in the private industry of Ingelheim foot.

Up to its death Sonnleithner fought not only for its pensions, but also for its call as an envoy. With success it stated that it had protected the Foreign Office by a dissolution by Hitler.

1989 appeared its autobiographyas a diplomat in the Führerhauptquatier “.


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