Franz II. (France)

Franz II. of France

Franz II. (* 19. January 1544 in Fontainebleau; † 5. December 1560 in Paris), king of France 1559 - 1560.

Franz II. the oldest son of Heinrich was II. of France and its wife Katharinaof Medici. To 24. April 1558 he married Maria Stuart, Königin von Schottland. Maria Stuart was also the catholic Anwärterin on English throne.

Already in the childhood it appeared that its life would become not too long. It was easyto divert, with difficulty from term, never very strongly and from very weak health.

As its father to 10. July 1559 deceased, took over to that only 15 year old Franz the government of France. Franz II. stood because of his age and his little will-strong nature up to his early deathin the year 1560 under the influence of duke Franz II. of Guise, the then most successful French field gentleman. Guise understood it skillfully to steer the young king in such a way that it left practically the government to it.

After death Franz II. to 5. December 1560 took overits younger brother Karl than Karl IX.the French throne. The queen nut/mother Katharina de Medici became Regentin and entmachtete the duke of Guise, by approximating the Bourbonen and Protestanten. The duke of Guise organized thereupon a blood bath at the Protestanten. With it one beganConsequence of Religionskriegen, the so-called Huguenot wars.

Heinrich II.
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Karl IX.


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