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Franz young (* 26. November 1888 in Neisse, Upper Silesia (today Nysa, Poland), † 21. January 1963 in Stuttgart) was a German writer, economist and a politician.

Franz young published also under the aliases Franz Larzs and franc Ryberg.

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1888 - 1911

young became as a son of Franz young, a Uhrmachermeister, and its Mrs. Clara, geb. Doering born. Starting from 1898 it visited the material High School, at which it itself with max gentleman Mr., the later poet, made friends. 1907 he put the Abitur down and began in Leipzig music to study. It changed however soon to national economy, on the right of, art and religion sciences. In Leipzig it was member of the Burschenschaft Arminia. to 1908 it went to the University of Jena, where it followed the Burschenschaft Germania to Jena, out of which it however, after it had flogged an old person gentlemen, was excluded. 1909 changed young to the University of Breslau.

In Breslau he became acquainted with his later Mrs. Margot, a dancer, whom he married in January 1911. In the same year the son Franz was born, however, since the marriage was coined/shaped by constant arguments, with grandparents in Neisse the buildup. End of the yearly changed young to the University of Munich, where it wrote its thesis the effects of the production tax in the match industry. A Vorabveröffentlichung in the Frankfurt newspaper however not possibly made it for young to also submit the thesis. Into Munich he came into contact with Erich laborious, the writers Leonhard franc, Oskar Maria count and the Psychoanalytiker Otto large.

1912 - 1918

1912 appeared first Prosatexte young in the expressionistischen magazines the storm and the action as well as its first book the nincompoop book. it pulled 1913 to Berlin, where it in close contact to Franz Pfemfert, for which publisher of the action stood; several early books appeared young in the action publishing house. Into this time also the acquaintance with Cläre Otto, its later second wife falls. When its friend Otto large was instructed on operation of its father into the psychiatry, young started a campaign, which finally led in July 1914 to Gross' dismissal.

1914 began to write young for the stock exchange sheets to large citizen of Berlin of a restaurant publishing house. After outbreak of war it announced itself voluntarily to the military. Nearly without training it was used in East Prussia, wounded there easily, to which still another illness came. In December 1914 young defected; it fled 1915 with the help of a falsified certificate, which had issued it walter Serner, to Vienna, was however arrested there and to Germany delivered. He spent some weeks in the fortress prison Spandau, afterwards he into the lunatic asylum Berlin Wittenau was transferred. After its release - to which psychiatric appraisals of large contributed - he became a we shank editor with the German courier and created the publishing house the free road. 1916 were born the daughter Dagny; 1917 separated Franz and Margot young.

Until 1918 young worked on a set of political-cultural projects in the underground and concerned themselves beside it again intensively with economics. The most influential publication of this time was the magazine the new youth , the first dadaistischen magazine published by it in Germany. Starting from 1918 Franz was young co-editors club of the Dada. In this time young made the acquaintance of John Heartfield (its alias it probably invented), from how/as country heart field, George Grosz, Hannah high, smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Huelsenbeck and Raoul house man, with which he published and arose.

As to 9. November 1918 the revolution broke out, sat down to young from the Potsdamer place out to the point of a troop soldier and occupied Wolffs telegraph office in the Leipziger road, of where it was however shortly thereafter driven out by government-faithful troops again.

1919 - 1932

1919 young was arrested during the revolution fights, in which he took part on side of the savings TACists, in the citizen of Berlin newspaper quarter, however the escape succeeded to him at Breslau. Young the KPD joined and created several commercial news services. 1920 it was excluded from the KPD and created with others the communist labour party of Germany. In order to operate their admission into the communist international one, it was sent together with January Appel to Moscow. For the passage into the Soviet Union cape ores the Fischdampfer senator Schröder and drove the two to Murmansk. The discussions with Lenin, book airs and Karl Radek remained however unsuccessful.

Back in Germany young was arrested because of “ship robbery on high lake”. In the prison it wrote a set of books, among other things the novels proletarian, Joe franc the world, the piece illustrates how much longer? and the essay the technology of the luck, which appeared in the mark IC publishing house. At the beginning of of 1921 it became against bail from the prison to dismiss and submerged immediately.

After it, likewise still 1921, he was together with Béla Kun, max of Hoelz and Karl Plättner prominently in the March fights in Central Germany briefly involved, an armed worker revolt approximately over resounds and Leuna. After the realm resistance had struck down the rebellion, it tried to flee in the May of the yearly as well as his Mrs. Cläre to Great Britain, in the Netherlands was however already arrested and from there into the Soviet Union proven. In Moscow he worked at first for the press department of the Komintern. Starting from 1922 young led the reconstruction of the match factory “Solzne” in Tschudowo with Nowgorod; it was responsible to 1923 for the reconstruction of the metalworking work “Ressora” in Petrograd.

In November 1923 it, since it was still with the police looked for, turned Franz Larsz” under the wrong name “to Germany back. In the next years it published still some literary works, worked above all however as a restaurant economics, whereby it used the name Franz Larzs and the alias franc Ryberg. 1924 married Cläre and Franz young; the marriage became 1937 divorced. 1931 became acquainted with young Harriet Scherret, which became now its life companion; 1932 were born the common son Peter.

Several pieces young were produced between 1927 and 1931 by Erwin Piscator, among them the lost son and worker Thomas. Young of dramaturgischer coworkers was occasional at Piscator and 1931 also for the organization of the citizens of Berlin performances breaks - pieces ascent and case of the city Mahagonny (by seriousness Josef put up) and the nut/mother with responsible. Young strove for this time to return to the literature. Its pieces had however no success, and it was increasingly difficult to find publishing houses for its books. 1928 were adjusted the procedure against young because of the ship schiffsentführung.

Apart from the activity at the theatre young was active starting from end of the 1920er years also again increased in the economy. It was involved in German correspondence the publishing house (Deko publishing house), in seriousness Josef Aufrichts theatre production company, an artist agency and other one, not completely transparent enterprises. 1931 initiated the Deko publishing house a business between the Pommer building huts and French partners belonging to the trade union. Was planned to establish after drafts of Le Corbusier in Marseille a garden city settlement with 30.000 dwellings. For this however realm Marks had to be transferred to France, which had been just forbidden by a foreign exchange regulation of the German Reich. In June 1932 it came to a scandal; Young Kompagnons were arrested, young submerged once more.

1930 had already created Franz young in the Deko publishing house the magazine of the opponents, in which under other Ernst Fuhrmann, Raoul house man and Karl Korsch cooperated. 1932 took over Harro Schulze Boysen, which had been involved in the booklet before already, the publisher shank.

1933 - 1945

from 1933 to 1936 published young together with Alexander Schwab the Pressedienst for the restaurant structure and belonged to the group of undergrounds red fighters . At the end of of 1936 he was arrested in this connection. To the release from custody young went 1937 to Prague, where he cooperated in the Germany reports of the SPD and finally to Vienna, where it created again a restaurant service. After the connection of Austria young fled into Switzerland, where he lived in Geneva. 1939 it was expelled because of the suspicion of the restaurant espionage from Switzerland and went to Budapest, where it worked as an insurance agent for Swiss Rückversicherer. In this time it supported the red cross to make in Hungary on the escape before the Nazis Poland possible stranded the departure.

1944 he was only arrested by the Hungarian Pfeilkreuzler and then by the security agency, however both marks the escape succeeded to him. 1944 became the marriage with Harriet divorced and young married Anna von Meissner (divorce 1947). 1945, on which escape from Austria to Italy, he became again arrested and in the KZ Bozen interned.

1946 - 1963

in Italy worked young on plays. Deeply shaken of the death of its daughter Dagny, which had died 1945 under unclear circumstances in the psychiatric department of the general hospital in Vienna, it wrote the year without grace.

1948 emigrated young into the USA, whereby those supported it there resident, former KPD chairmen Ruth Fischer substantially. In New York he worked among other things as Wirtschaftskorrespondent for German-language newspapers. 1953 it pulled to San Francisco and received in January 1955 the US nationality.

Young, which was gotten sick with laryngeal cancer meanwhile and had to be operated several times, for the first time 1955 traveled and then again 1957 to an attendance to Germany. At the end of of 1960 it returned finally to Europe, where it lived in France and Germany. In Germany it, except to old acquaintance, had contact to Helmut Heissenbüttel, who worked at the South German broadcast, to the publisher Jes Petersen and to Fritz J. Raddatz, the deputy publishing house leader with Rowohlt. These endeavored itself, young for work in Germany again admits to make, provided for it orders for the broadcast and contacts publishing houses.

1961 appeared young Autobiografie the way downward in the Luchterhand publishing house. In the consequence it came to meeting with hostility and also processes, since some persons, under it the actress Trude Hesterberg, felt explained by the book wrongly or slandered.

1963 died Franz young in Stuttgart; to 25. January he was buried at the new cemetery in Degerloch.


  • the nincompoop book, 1912
  • comrades…!, 1913
  • Sophie. The cross way of the humility, 1916
  • Saul, 1916
  • sacrificing. A novel, 1916
  • the jump from the world, 1918
  • journey in Russia, 1920
  • Joe franc illustrates the world, 1921
  • the case large, 1921
  • proletarians, 1921
  • the Kanaker - how much longer? Two plays, 1921
  • the technology of the luck, 1921
  • the red week, 1921
  • Annemarie. Play in four documents, 1922
  • work peace, 1922
  • hunger at the Volga, 1922
  • the conquest of the machines, 1923
  • more speeds! More luck! More power, 1923
  • the history of a factory, 1924
  • new humans in new Russia, 1924
  • business. A comedy, 1927
  • tormented people. A oberschlesischer industrial novel, 1927 (1987) Hausierer publish
  • for the first time. Society-critical novel, 1931
  • the way downward. Recordings from large time, 1961
  • mean greeting before, 1962
  • Jes Petersen strontium. Exchange of letters with Raoul house man and Franz young Hg. Andreas Hansen. Berlin: Basis pressure publishing house, 2001 ISBN 386163113X

an expenditure for work in 14 volumes appeared in the edition Nautilus.

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