Franz Krolop

Franz K. Krolop (* 5. September 1839 in Troja, Böhmen; † 30. May 1897 in Berlin) was a German opera singer (bassist).


Franz Krolop was born 1839 in Böhmen as a son of an estate manager. To the early death of its father it went on the High School into Gitschin, where it received training in the church singing. In the years 1856 to 1861 it studied law at the university in Prague. During this time it continued the singing study under Louis Appé .

After conclusion of the study Krolop worked first as Armeeaudileur - trainee in Prague. It gave however this career up soon, around itself under R. To train Levy in Vienna as the singer.

To commitments in Troppau, where he debütierte 1863, Linz, Bremen and Leipzig, he came 1872 to the yard opera into Berlin. Its repertoire was very extensive.

Krolop was married since 1871 with the opera singer Irma von Voggenhuber (1841-1888).


  • Arthur Preuss


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