Franz Rautek

Franz Rautek (* 1902; † 1989) were a Austrian Jiu Jitsu - teachers and inventors of the Rautek Rettungsgriffes, which is used world-wide for the rescue by hurt persons from danger situations.

He was a pupil of Josef Diwischek, an outrider of the Austrian Jiu Jitsu. Its first school created Rautek in the year 1931 in Vienna and informed later at people's highschools and trained the Viennese police. From 1941 to 1947 it informed Jiu Jitsu at the university University of Vienna.

Beside its most well-known invention the Rautek Rettungsgriff, he developed also far devices for medical rehablitation and for rescue, since he engaged himself beside the Jiu Jitsu also for the area „helping and saving “. Its interest in the combat haven was surely helpful.


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