Franz Reisinger

Franz Reisinger (* 16. August 1889 in Vienna; † 23. January 1973 in Ingolstadt) from the medal community of the Oblaten hl. Franz of Sales (Sales Oblaten) is the founder „of the institute for secular hl. Franz of Sales “. In addition it carried and was involved innovative out in the salesianischen research in the establishment of the catholic worker youth in Austria.

scientific activity

P. Dr. Franz Reisinger OSFS (1889–1973)
P. Dr. Franz Reisinger OSFS (1889-1973)

Franz Reisinger stepped in the year 1905 with the Oblaten hl. Franz of Sales. At the 1. November 1906 he put his first Profess down. From 1906 to 1914 it studied in Rome, 1909 attained a doctorate it to the doctor of philosophy, two years later to the Dr. theol. Reisinger was first active as a professor for old and neutestamentliche theology as well as for dogma TIC, fundamental theology, Hebrew and Bible-Greek in Albano and Rome. In the year 1927 it was calibrate-corroded shifted after , the German center of the Austrian-South German province of the Oblaten hl. Franz of Sales. In the year 1931 shifted Reisinger the medal-own Franz Sales publishing house and the editorship of the medal magazine „light “after calibrate-corrode. At the same time it began with the translation of the works of the holy Franz of Sales. In the year 1937 published Reisinger with „the Philothea (guidance for the pious life) “the most well-known work of the holy one, two years later „the clergymen of discussions “, which Franz of Sales with the afflicting sisters led. Likewise starting from the 30's Franz Reisinger used itself strengthened for the scientific exchange over Salesiani theology within its medal community. In the 50's from it the Salesiani study days developed to which Sales Oblaten from different provinces met. Due to the large distances, which had to put the medal people back, in addition, because of the different languages of the participants, this project proved as problematic, so that one decided itself to furnish in the individual medal provinces „Salesiani centers “. But Franz Reisinger floated still another further model forwards: a working group, in which beyond the Sales Oblaten in salesianischen theology was interested scientifically exchange. Thus it justified the working group for Salesiani studies, which publishes „the yearbook for Salesiani studies since 1963 “in the year 1962.

founder of the institute for secular of the holy Franz of Sales

in the year 1937 was appointed Franz Reisinger as the Provinzial of the Austrian-South German medal province to Vienna. During this time he works as Seelsorger in the Pfarrei pc. cared for of the Salesoblaten. Anna. In the year 1939 Reisinger justifies here a discussion circle, which wants to give answers to the urgent questions of wartime by means of the theory of the holy Franz of Sales with some apostolisch active women. Individual women from these rounds wish a more obligatory community, and Pater Reisinger compiles concrete rules with them. „The Sales sisters “have only two members with its emergence at the end of of 1939, in the year 1944 however already are it 20. To 19. The sisters the bischöfliche license to practise medicine of the Erzdiözese Vienna receive April 1947 and as „pious community “(pia unio) are confirmed. In the year 1964 „the pious community was recognized “ as Säkularinstitut. The so far rather private community received thereby an official character. After the second Vatikani council the autonomy of the institute was strengthened, so that the close relationship with the Oblaten of the holy Franz of Sales loosened. Pater Reisinger remained however up to its death of the religious assistant of the institute. The sisters of the institute for secular commit themselves to a life after the Gelübden „poverty “, „Ehelosigkeit “, „obedience “. They do not live in community, but everyone attends to its special occupation in their personal surrounding field. To the other side Franz Reisinger attached great importance on community, because he the firm conviction was that the straight community the faith strengthens. Its foreign exchange was: „… as little as possible expresses connection, as much as possible internal solidarity. “Beside the Professschwestern Säkularinstitut knows members also associated, that feel connected the ideas of the institute, however on the three Gelübde does not commit itself.

joint founders of the catholic worker youth in Austria

after the Second World War justified the Sales Oblaten in the Viennese Pfarrei Krim the catholic worker youth in Austria, which develops on ideas of the Christian worker youth (CAJ, based of Joseph Cardijn). Responsible was thereby beside Franz Reisinger above all its Mitbruder Josef Zeininger, which had become acquainted with the CAJ in Freiburg in the Üechtland and itself now in Vienna began to embody it also in Austria. Also Franz Reisinger was inspired of the thoughts Cardijns and discovered in them parallels to the ideas of the founder of the Sales Oblaten Louis Brisson. In the year 1950 Franz Reisinger was appointed by the Viennese archbishop cardinal Theodor Innitzer the Diözesanseelsorger of the catholic female worker youth (KAJM), in the year 1951 became it Zentralseelsorger of the KAJM for completely Austria.


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