Franz stone radiator

Franz stone radiator (* 20. May 1937 in peppering castle) is a German trade unionist and former chairmen of the industrial union metal.

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after a theory than Werkzeugmacher and a further training to the REFA - specialist was stone radiator first with an enterprise in Göppingen actively. Here it engaged itself for the trade union work (among other things as a work council chairman).

trade unionists

1963 it became Bezirkssektretär of the industrial union metal in Stuttgart; 1972 it began the follow-up of Willi Bleicher as a district leader industrial union metal district Baden-Wuerttemberg . Into its time as district leaders, lasting to 1983, numerous hard collective bargaining in the metallurgy falls. Stone radiator set among other things 1973 the stone radiator break for piece-workers, designated after it, through.

In October 1983 stone radiator was selected to the second chairman of the industrial union metal; the past office holder Hans Mayr became as successors of Eugen Loderer of chairmen.

In October 1986 Mayr for age reasons did to place itself again to choice; Stone radiator was selected to the chairman. As a boss of the industrial union metal stone radiator quite showed compromise readiness in the collective bargaining; nevertheless to it the gradual introduction of the 35-Stunden-Woche succeeded to 1990.

suspicion and resignation

stone radiator were red-elect as a chairman of the industrial union metal 1989 and 1992. In May 1993 it turned out however in suspicion its position as a supervisory board member of Daimler Benz AG for Insidergeschäfte to have used. Under the impression of the criticism it stepped to 25. May 1993 of the post industrial union of the metal chairman back. To his successor Klaus Zwickel was selected.

further exposures

since its resignation stone radiator than fortune and management consultants is active. It came 1996 again into the headlines, when a commission of inquiry of the industrial union metal under the presidency of the president at that time of the OLG Frankfurt/Main refuge Henrichs came to the result, to stone radiator the trade union center in Frankfurt down wheel substantially too expensively bought. Without a damage suit against stone radiators, considered first, the industrial union metal did later; it came soon even into the headlines, to be familiar became that the chairman of the commission of inquiry Henrichs 1.35 million DM for its activity had received.

political manipulation

stone radiator is since 1951 member of the SPD.

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