Franz Weselik

Franz Weselik (* 20. April 1903; † 15. March 1962) was a Austrian football player and coach.


Weselik began its career 1919 with Blue star Vienna and came in the age from 20 years to the sports club rapidly Vienna. he celebrated 1927 with profit of the Viennese Cups its first large success with the green-white. he won 1929 and 1930 with rapidly the Austrian Meistertitel and celebrated with the profit of the Mitropacups its only international title. The year 1930 was the most successful at all for the Stürmer, shot it nevertheless in in 20 championship plays 24 gates and became thereby as only the third Rapidler Austrian goal scorer king.

To 6. May 1928 gave Franz Weselik a sensational debut in the Austrian national team. With the away game against Hungary in Budapest it contributed three hits to 5:5 Remis and was recommended thereby for further nominating. Weselik belonged from 1931 to 1933 also to the extended cadre of the miracle team and came in this era in the plays against Belgium (6: 1; 1 gate) and France (4: 0; 1 gate) to the employment. It denied its last play for the Austrian selection to 30. April 1933 with the away game against Hungary (1: 1; no gate). Altogether Franz Weselik was called up from 1928 to 1933 eleven times into the Austrian national team and obtained thereby 13 gates.

1934 changed Weselik to France and signed a contract as a player coach with the fiber plastic Mulhouse, for the Aufsteiger into the division 1. Franz Weselik became with 24 gates third-best league goal scorer of the season 1934/35 and occupied with the Natives of Alsace sixth rank in the championship. This placement represents to today the best result of the association. The Viennese remained still three further years with Mulhouse and changed only to ended its career in the year 1938 back to Austria. Weselik signed for the autumn season 1938 at the sports club talks star Vienna and terminated thereafter its active career.

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