Franz of Lenbach

Franz von Lenbach, Portrait der Tochter
Franz of Lenbach, Portrait of the daughter

Franz Lenbach, since 1882 Franz of Lenbach (* 13. December 1836 in Schrobenhausen; † 6. May 1904 in Munich) was a German painter. Together with Franz by stucco and Friedrich August ofKaulbach it is ranked among the resident of Munich painter princes.

Admits became Lenbach particularly by its realistic Portraits, for example from Otto von Bismarck. A selection of its works is in the Lenbachhaus in Munich and in the Lenbachmuseum in Schrobenhausen.

1853 it became at that Academy of the forming arts Munich taken up. it received a call to 1860 to the again created art school in Weimar, where it taught until 1862. Toward end 19. Century was Lenbach the prominent personality in the resident of Munich art life. Its Lenbachkreis dominated the artistic happening in thatCity. As in the highest social class of recognized and in demand haven guessingist he came by his art to large wealth. Thus it could be able to be built 1887 to 1891 of the architect Gabriel of Seidl a generous urban villa. The mansion in eklektizistisch had a feeling for Italian Renaissance -Style is comparable to a small lock including garden in its extents.

Today an important museum is in this Lenbachhaus. Beside pictures of Lenbach and other painters 19. Century accommodates it an important collection of pictures of the blue rider.

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