Franz of stucco

Franz of stucco: Selbstbildnis in the studio, 1905

Franz of stucco (* 23. February 1863 in Tettenweis, district Passau (Lower Bavaria); † 30. August 1928 in Munich) was a German painter and sculptor.

As a son of village Mueller the academy in Munich visited from stucco the college of arts and crafts and. There it looked for new techniques and styles apart from the traditional training style and created 1882 with William Trübner the “residents of Munich secession “.

Starting from 1895 stucco was a professor of the academy and informed Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee; it received the title of nobility to 1906. It is ranked together with Franz of Lenbach and Friedrich August von Kaulbach among the resident of Munich painter princes.

From Arnold Böcklin lively, preferred stucco float-unreal representations from the realm of the fable and allegorische, symbolful organizations like “the sin” (1893) and “the war” (1894; both Bayr. State painting States of, Munich). - Exemplary for stucco conceptions of a synthesis of the arts is its 1898 completed and by the building contractor welfare man & suffering man established mansion at the prince regent road in Haidhausen with created furniture and plastics, today museum. For this work it was distinguished briefly before its death 1928 with the honour doctor title of the technical university Munich. Reopening of the museum mansion stucco to 18. March 2005 after thirteen-year old planning, building and restoration activity.

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“Sisyphus”, 1920


  • Neckerei
  • the war
  • the Sphinx
  • the sin
  • riding Amazone (bronze sculpture)



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