different sorts: green 60 ml, white 160 ml, 400 ml and 1000 ml

Franzbranntwein (white spirits vini gallici) an alcoholic solution is mainly consisting of pure alcohol, Campher, Menthol and different odoriferous substances such as Fichtennadeln - or Latschenkiefernöl. Application takes place predominantly outwardly for the application in and massing or to the Inhalieren and to the drip-wise income. It promotes the blood circulation in particular against muscular strain. Franzbranntwein is available in green and white variants.

To in early 18. Century was Franzbranntwein a beverage, approximately starting from 1726 for it the name Cognac was used.

„All Branntweine won from wine and wine remainders is called as well known Franzbranntweine; under them the genuine, really K burned from wine stands. [ognak] obenan. “ Merck's goods encyclopedia, keyword Kognak

main producer were at the beginning of France, therefore the name, Spain and Portugal.

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