Franziska van Almsick

Franziska van Almsick (* 5. April 1978 in Berlin) is a former German swimmer and a repeated world and Europameisterin.


Franziska van Almsick, mentioned by fans and media also “Franzi”, began as five-year-oldwith swimming. With seven years it was taken up to Ostberliner the swimming training center, where it was the youngest one. She came soon thereafter into a child and a youth sport school (KJS) of the GDR, and with eleven years already won she with the childand Jugendspartakiade nine gold medals. After youth matches of the GDR it won with junior European and world championships.

1992 Worldcup - victory over 100 m freestyle. With the olympic summer games in Barcelona it won the silver medal over 200 m freestyle, silver with the 4x 100 m situation relay and bronze with the 4 x 100 m freestyle relay. After the olympic plays of Barcelona it to the first all-German sport star after the reunification and its admitting heating degree were promoted became comparable with from Popstars.

1992 world record inthe discipline over 50 m freestyle.1993 could set up it with the Worldcup three times a new world record and became Weltcup Gesamtsiegerin. 1993 with the European championships in England won it six gold medals and became for their achievements the “world Sportlerin of the yearly“selected.

Their appearance was dramatic with the swimming world championships 1994. On its parade discipline it did not know 200 m freestyle itself first as the ninth in the semi-final qualify for the final. Its crew colleague Dagmar hare, which had qualified itself, steppedthereupon not in the final on and their place became free for van Almsick. The final became then a triumph for the Berlinerin and it became world champion, whereby it set up a new world record at the same time.

With the olympic summer games 1996 into Atlanta it went over 200 m freestyle as large Favoritin to the start, won then however “only” the silver medal. This was the beginning of the desperate hunt for an olympia victory, which should not succeed to her up to the career end of 2004. Toenormous sporty disappointment became for it the olympic summer games 2000 in Sydney, from which them returned to Germany, without in a single final to have participated; it was nevertheless enough for relay bronze medal. Became it in the earlier years of thatGerman mass media still into the sky praised, then fell them now over them ago. The citizens of Berlin boulevard newspaper “BZ” it called Franzi van Speck. The career end seemed for it near.

But Franziska van Almsick struck back in the year 2002 spectacularly:with the swimming to European championships in its hometown Berlin you succeeded the European champion title over 200 m freestyle, whereby she improved her own fable world record of again 1994 and to the Favoritin for Athens 2004 was promoted again. For this comeback it became again 2002to the Sportlerin of the yearly selected.

The olympic plays 2004 the career final and high point for it should become. But it did not succeed to it again to win a Goldmedaile. It terminated its career with the 4x200 meter of freestyle relay (with new European record) andthe 4x100 meter of situation relay and won in each case the bronze medal and reached rank 5 over 200 m freestyle.

At the swimming world championships 2005 in Montréal she worked as CO-Kommentatorin for the pool of broadcasting corporations.

In the year 2006 it becomes with RTL those Formula 1 commentate.

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