Franziska of Rome

Franziska born 1384 in Rome died to 9. March 1440 in Rome was a Christian medal foundress and Mystikerin.

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already early pulled it the small Franziska to the medal life. As remedy you ordered the father member of the aristocracy family „de Busci “the marriage with eleven years. It was married 1395 with Lorenzo de Ponziani and was 40 years long wife and nut/mother of six children. The Roman-catholic church in Rome was at that time in a condition keep-drawn. Rome was partly destroyed, wolves pulls by the city, sheep feasts in the Peter cathedral, the plague looks for its victims. It was the time of the Schismen with two partly three Popes. Franziskas longing applied however for the life in the monastery. From a part of its palace it made a hospital and worried about the plague patients. 1436 died their man and it became nun and immediately Oberin already of the 1425 of their created „Compagnia depression Oblate del Monastero Olivietano the S. Maria Nuove “, a medal of caritativ active noble women according to the rule of the holy Benedikt. Franziska was bestattet in the church Santa Maria Nuova in Rome, who was renamed later after it, in Santa Francesca Romana. 1608 became it by Paul V. holy-spoken.


9. March (required anniversary)


you is Schutzpatronin of Rome, the women and the drivers.

farmer rule

“Franziska sun adjusts itself/is the farmer soon on its field.”

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