Franziskanerinnen are catholic communities of women, who orient themselves in your statutes at the medal rule of the holy Franziskus (to the medal rule see. Franziskaner). To which extent the Franziskus rule is transferred and by own accents supplemented or modified, is from community to community differently. ThoseMajority of today's Franziskanerinnen is in social caritativen fields of work actively.

their historical

origin in the religious poverty movement 13 has historical development the oldest communities. Jhds., which had also a strong own women's movement. The developing woman communities pointed absolutely independent of religious of impulses andreligious courses up, could become generally accepted in relation to the church authorities however not with own medal rules (an exception to form in this time only the Klarissen).

Particularly from fear of Häresien and religious Schwärmerei the church integration of the developing communities was an important request thatpapal Kurie. The usual realization of this goal consisted of obligating the new woman communities to the assumption of medal rules already existing or subordinating it established male medal communities. Beside the Dominikanern here above all the Franziskaner stood to the selection.

19. Jhd.experienced again a strong growthat new woman communities, which feel tightened often by the ideals of the holy Franziskus and lean against its medal rule. For the first time here a new type of nun meets: If medal sisters lived a with priority contemplative life so far rather in the Binnenraum of their final monasteries, the new nuns strove outsideinto the world, around with social commitment misery and emergencies of humans too lindern.

Differently than in 13. Jhd. the church integration of these new communities was more rarely coined/shaped by interferences on the part of the church authorities, orientation at the franziskanischen rule rather voluntarily.

A reasonfor the possibilities for own decisions was also a change in the church right: The new communities were classified not as medals, but as Kongregationen or societies of Apostoli life (see. Medal community), which possess legally a larger free space.

Franziskanerinnen begegenen today in a multiplicity of differentKongregationen with ever own history and community rule.

The size of the communities varies substantially. According to the data of the Annuario Pontificio of 1992 (with numbers of 1990) the Missionsfranziskanerinnen Mariens with 8474 members formed world-wide the largest franziskanische Frauenkongregation.

Baldegger sisters
Bernardine Franciscan Sisters
Felician Sisters
FranciscanClarist Congregation FCC
Franciscan Missionaries OF Mary
Franciscan Missionary Sisters OF Our lady OF Sorrows
Franciscan Missionary Sisters OF the Sacred Heart
Franciscan Servants OF Jesus
Franciscan Sisters OF Allegany
Franciscan Sisters OF Atonement SA
Franciscan Sisters OF Christian Charity
Franciscan Sisters OF the Immaculate
Franciscan Sisters OF Peace
Franciscan Sisters OF pc. Joseph OF Hamburg FSSJ
Franciscan Sisters OF the Eucharist
Franziskanerinnen of the renewal CFR
Franziskanerinnen pc. - Joseph Kongregation Ursberg Congregatio Sancti Josephi CSJ
Franziskanerinnen of Maria Stern
monastery pc. Anna Riedenburg
Franziskanerinnen of Salzkotten Franciscanae Cordis Jesu et Mariae FCJM
Franziskanerinnen of the holy Josef FSJ
Franziskanerinnen of hl. Martyr George Thuiner Franziskanerinnen FMA
Franziskanerinnen of the holiest heart Jesu Rekollektinnen
Franziskanerinnen of the all-most blessed virgin Maria of the angels Waldbreitbacher Franziskanerinnen BMVA
Franziskanerinnen of Reute OSF
Franziskanerinnen of Siessen Siessener Franziskanerinnen OSF
Franziskanerinnen of the penaltyand the Christian love OSF
Franziskanerinnen of the eternal Anbetung Olper Franziskanerinnen OSF
Franziskanerinnen of the Hl. Family Eupener Franziskanerinnen
of arms Franziskanerinnen of the Hl. Family to Mallersdorf Mallersdorfer sisters
Franziskanerinnen of the Kongregation of Erlenbad
Franziskusschwestern of the family care
Franziskus sisters
Hermanos Franciscanos de la Immaculata HFI
Mauritzer Franziskanerinnen nurses of the adjusted third medal hl. Franziskus
School Sisters OF the Third order OF Saint Francis
Sisters OF St.Francis
Sisters OF Saint Francis OF Millvale
Sisters OF pc. Francis OF Oldenburg
Sisters OF pc. Francis OF Philadelphia
Sisters OF Saint FrancisOF the Immaculate Conception

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