Fred Vatter

Fred Vatter (* 1915 in beautiful lime tree in the Sudetenland/† 23. November 2004 in mixing part churches) was an important German entrepreneur/textile manufacturer, that due to its employment for the German economy with the Order of Merit 1. Class was distinguished.

The 1882 in beautiful lime tree in the Sudetenland of its grandfather created textile enterprise, which maintained already European-wide and into the Near East trade relations and belonged to its customers the österreichischge empress Sissy, were expropriated after end of the Second World War. Shortly thereafter Fred Vatter created 1946 in old person city south of Munich the Feinstrumpfmanufaktur “Josef Vatter successor”.

With two machines to the manufacturing of Trikotagen and unite former coworkers of the company in the Sudetenland he in old person city with the production of purifying trunks had at that time begun.

Within shortest time he removed the initial small business to the market leader. After this success Fred Vatter based 1951 together with its youth friend from beautiful lime tree, Dr. Otto palm, the company Bellinda. The name Bellinda developed from the place name beautiful lime tree. Already during lifetimes Fred Vatter got the pointed name “sock king”.

In economic gloss times the Bellinda Feinstrumpfmanufakturen was an important business enterprise in the Bavarian district because home already gau with six production works and 3,000 persons employed. 1970 received Vatter for it from the city old person city the golden honour ring of the municipality. Vatter engaged itself for many decades as a member of the presidency of the general association of the German mesh industry and the specialized branch “knitted socks and socks” also on federation level.

1982 extended Fred Vatter its enterprise by additional purchase of the company BI, 1987 by acquisition of the company Schulte-Diekhoff (ONLY), 1989 of the company ELBEO and were a supervisory board chairman of the Fred Vatter getting thing.

1995 withdrew itself Fred Vatter from its company and dedicated themselves, as already before, common with its second wife of its lifelong passion, the classical music, and the meeting of classical concerts.


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