Fred Viebahn

Fred Viebahn (* 16. April 1947 in Gummersbach) is a German writer.

Fred Viebahn is the son of a financial official. It visited scientific High School in Cologne Mülheim, at which it 1966 the maturity examination put down. From 1966 to 1971 it studied Cologne psychology , Germanistik , theatre science and philosophy at the university. During these years began Viebahn, journalistic contributions for newspapers to write magazines and broadcasting corporations. Starting from 1970 it lived as free writers and journalist in Castrop Rauxel, where it also with the young socialists was active (from 1971 to 1973 as a greater chairman and in Juso executive committee of the SPD subdistrict Dortmund). 1973 went it to West Berlin. After it had already engaged itself since 1968 in the industrial trade union pressure, it was from 1974 to 1976 member of the Federal Administration of the federation of German writersin the context of this trade union.

Starting from 1975 Viebahn traveled several times as a representative of various committees to the United States. 1976 sent it the Fulbright Commission to an international Autorenkolleg to the University OF Iowa in Iowa town center (Iowa), where it its future woman to know learned. 1977 he was guest lecturer in Germanistik at the University OF Texas in Austin (Texas) and from 1977 to 1979 at the Oberlin college in Oberlin (Ohio). 1979 he married the afroamerikanische authoress Rita Dove. it pulled 1981 with it after Tempe (Arizona), where 1983 were born both daughter. Since 1989 Viebahn with its family in Charlottesville (Virginia) lives.

Fred Viebahn is author of strongly auto+biographically affected Prosawerken, of radio plays, plays and lyric poetry.

Fred Viebahn, der Mitglied des PEN-Zentrums Deutschsprachiger Autoren im Ausland ist, erhielt 1973 den Förderpreis für Literatur der Stadt Köln und 1976 ein Villa-Massimo-Stipendium.


  • the attempt to escape. Bull city in the Taunus 1967
  • experiences. Villingen 1968
  • button hole convicition. Berlin 1968
  • the black the pigeons or guitars does not shoot. Hamburg 1969
  • the house Che or year of the riot. Hamburg 1973
  • Larissa or the love for socialism. Leverkusen 1976
  • the chains of the liberty. Cologne 1979


  • Rita Dove: The gläserne forehead of the present, Eisingen 1989

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