Frederick Dewhurst Yates

Frederick Dewhurst Yates (* 16. January 1884 in Leeds; † 10. November 1932 in London) was an English chess player.

It won 1913, 1914, 1921, 1926, 1928 and 1931 the British championship. With international tournaments it could not completely platzieren itself usually in front, but become dangerous in individual portions also better players. With the tournament in Hamburg Siegbert Tarrasch objection raised 1910 against its permission, since he was too weak. Yates actually the latter, won however calculated the portion against Tarrasch. In addition it succeeded to it in the course of its career several times to win against Alexander Aljechin and Akiba ruby stone. It wrote over chess in several English daily papers.

It achieved its best historical Elo number of 2596 in January 1925.< ref name= " ELO historically "> Chessmatrics Player of profiles 14.4.2006 (English)< /ref>

By a carbon monoxide poisoning due to a defective gas furnace he died in tragic way.




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