Fredrik Hjalmar Johansen

Fredrik Hjalmar Johansen (* 15. May 1867 Skien; † 4. January 1913 Oslo, Suizid) was a Norwegian polar researcher.

If the best Turner and ski sportsman of its time admit as one, it was 1893-1896 member of the” Fram “- expedition to the north pole.However with Fridtjof Nansen it tried to reach in vain the pole, but they had to break the raid off and decreased/went back over the Franz Joseph country . To earnings/services the king of Norway placed it thereupon as a captain of the army in. 1907 accompanied the polar expedition of the prince of Monaco. he wintered to 1907 on 1908 with Theodor Lerner on Spitzbergen. With Roald Amundsen it participated 1911/1912 in the expedition, which drove to the Antarctic, in order to reach the South Pole. The two came however into controversy, and Amundsen concluded it from the group, thoseto the South Pole marched, out. This bore and committed Johansen never correctly 1913 suicide.


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