Fredrik Ljungberg

Karl Fredrik Ljungberg, called Freddie, (* 16. April 1977 in Vittsjö, Sweden) is a Swedish football player (centre zone).

It played from 1994 to 1998 with Halmstad UC. After an international match against England, very much succeeded , it was gotten by arsenal fiber plastic for 4.8 million euro to London.

In the Swedish national team it had its debut to 24. January 1998. So far it completed 41 international matches and obtained 4 gates.

It is both Swedish (1997) and English (2003) master become. Fredrik Ljungberg was selected 2002 in its homeland to the football player of the yearly.

He was selected 2000 in Sweden to the bestangezogenen man. It is also well-known as Unterwäschemodel for Calvin small

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