Free Soil party

Plakat der Free Soil Party, mit Martin Van Buren & Charles Francis Adams, Sr. von 1848
poster of the Free Soil party, with Martin Van Buren & Charles Francis Adam, Sr. of 1848

Free Soil (admits also under the names of free soil men; Nationalreformer; Landreformer; Freesoilers) was a political parliamentary group of the democratic party in the north states of the USA, which 1848 separated from this.

A goal of the Freesoilers was it among other things to prevent the propagation of the slavery in the new been added states. A further goal, also the free grant of country to all land farmers and the improvement of the infrastructure, as for instance the adjustment of navigable rivers, improvement of the ports at expense of the government. 1856 united the Free Soil a party to the Kansas Nebraska act with the republican party. The Free Soil a party in the State of New York, which one called Barnburners (“barn verb racer”), dissolved 1852 already. The party set up 1848 two presidency candidates, Martin Van Buren and Charles Francis Adam, Sr., and 1852, John P. Resound and to George Julian.


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