Fresenius AG

Fresenius Medical Care
master data
industry: health care providers & services
ISIN: DE0005785802

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WKN/Valor: 578580
pieces: 70 millions
Nominal value: 2.56 EUR
stock exchange value: 6.50 billion EUR
financial year: 31. December
balance 2005
conversion: 7.889 billion EUR
coworker: approx. 92,000
own capital funds: 5.130 billion EUR
balance sheet total: 11.594 billion EUR
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leading positions
executive committee:

Dr. Ulf M. Cutter (chairman)
Rainer Baule (Member)
Andreas Gaddum (member)
Dr. Ben Lipps (member)
Stephan storm (member)

supervisory board:

Hans Kröner (honorary chairman)
Dr. Gerd Krick (chairman)
peoples weber (member)
William Sachs (member)
Gerhard Herres (member)
Dr. Gabriele Kröner (member)
Dr. Bernd Mathieu (member)
Christel Neumann (member)
Ilona Oesterle (member)
Dr. Gerhard Rupprecht (member)
Dr. To Dieter give (member)
Dr. Karl cutter (member)
Dr. Bernhard Wunderlin (member)

owner structure
of portions:

Administration of an estate company
deduction Else Kröner ltd. 69.50%
alliance life insurance AG 9.74%
strewing possession 20.76%

the health company Fresenius AG employs approx. World-wide and its head office in bath Homburg has 92,000 coworkers.

Enterprise in the company:

Fresenius Medical Care AG: Dialysis products and - services, extrakorporale therapies

Fresenius Kabi: Infusion and nourishing therapy, infusion and Transfusionstechnologie, blood diagnostics, ambulatory health care

Fresenius ProServe: Establishment, mechanism and management of hospitals and medicine-technical and pharmaceutical production plants

  • Helios hospitals GmbH: 15.200 beds in 55 hospitals (conditions April 2006) (the Wittgensteiner hospitals AG is to 01. January 2006 with the Helios hospitals fuses)
  • hospitalia internationally: world-wide consulting, serving and engineer achievements for the ready for occupancy new direction, reorganization, equipment as well as maintenance of hospitals, specialized clinics, Reha and health resort facilities
  • VAMED: Consultation, planning, establishment and equipment of hospitals, cure enterprises, centers for the aged and Thermalanlagen, management of public health services, project developments particularly for mechanisms in the health tourism
  • Pharmaplan: Planning, establishment and support of pharmaceutical and medicine-technical production plants

Fresenius Biotech: Development and marketing of bio pharmaceuticals within the range of the Onkologie, Immunologie and the regenerativ medicine

Fresenius Netcare: IT-solutions within and outside of the company

to the company do not belong Institut Fresenius and Europe professional school Fresenius.

enterprise history

in Frankfurt/Main is opened 1462 the deer pharmacy. In 18. Century arrives it into the hands of the family Fresenius.

The pharmacist and owner of the deer pharmacy, Dr. Eduard Fresenius creates 1912 the pharmacy enterprise Dr. E. Fresenius. Emphasis of the manufacturing is medicine specialities such as injection solutions, serologische reagents and Bormelin Nasensalbe.

The production company is separated 1933/ 1934 from the deer pharmacy into Frankfurt and shifted according to bath Homburg. The company employs about 400 coworkers in the subsequent years.

The surprising death of Dr. Eduard Fresenius endangers 1946 the further existence of pharmacy and production enterprise. At this time there only 30 coworkers work. Else Kröner, which was called at this time still Else Fernau, takes over 1951 after a pharmacy study the responsibility for pharmacy and production enterprise.

The product group infusion solutions is developed 1955.

Fresenius takes over 1966 the selling of dialysis devices and Dialysatoren of different foreign companies and wins important market shares.

With the introduction to a amino acid solution after the potato egg sample Fresenius a substantial contribution succeeds to 1971 to the parenteral nourishing therapy.

Fresenius begins 1974 in pc. Spiral (Saarland) with the production of infusion solutions and medical Kunststofferzeugnissen. Today Fresenius manufactures there most modern polysulfone - Dialysatoren .

In pig ford the production of its own dialysis equipment, the A2008 begins 1979.

The enterprise is converted 1981 into a corporation and goes 1986 to the stock exchange.

Fresenius begins 1983 with the production of synthetic polysulfone fiber - diaphragms for dialysis, which determine today the quality standard.

The conversion lies 1990 for the first time over a billion German Mark, Fresenius employs 5200 coworkers.

1996 are created the subsidiary Fresenius Medical Care AG, which is today the offerer of dialysis - products and -, leading world-wide, services.

Fresenius takes 1997 in Friedberg, Hessen, of Europe most modern infusion solution factory in enterprise. The company turnover amounts to approximately 7.5 billion German Marks.

Fresenius takes over 1998 the international infusion business of the company Pharmacia & Upjohn. From fusion with the division Pharma results to Fresenius Kabi, the enterprise within the range of the nourishing and infusion therapy, leading in Europe.

Introduction 1998 into the new company center in bath Homburg, 39,000 coworkers world-wide.

Fresenius takes over 2001 the Wittgensteiner hospitals AG with approximately 30 acute and specialized clinics and approximately 4600 coworkers. Company turnover 2001: 220 million euro. Fresenius takes over 2005 of HELIOS the hospitals for 1.5 billion euro.

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