Peace of Stettin

Dänisches Wappen ca.1600 (Siebmacher 1605)
Danish coat of arms ca.1600 (Siebmacher 1605)
income of the fortress Älvsborg to 4. September 1563

of the peace of Stettin terminated to 13. December 1570 first of the Nordi wars, the three-crown war in such a way specified.

There were no border shifts. The status quo remained.

Friedrich II. from Denmark it did without requirements on Sweden with which Denmark recognized also formally the dissolution of the Kalmarer union of 1523. Eric XIV. from Sweden did without its requirements on Norway, care, Gotland and resounding and. For the return of the fortress Älvsborg with Göteborg, conquered by Denmark 1563 , Sweden paid 150,000 Riksdaler (realm valleys) at Denmark.

The cause of the war, which became controversy over the crowns in the Danish coat of arms, postponed: Both parties kept the three crowns in their coats of arms and committed themselves to solve the conflict in this question independently; them this should up to the 1. To January 1572 do not succeed, calling an arbitral tribunal, compound from the rust ocher to municipal authorities and the rust ochers to university one agreed upon.

The Baltic Sea trade of the hansischen cities under the guidance of Luebeck continued to lose at meaning.

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