Friederike Caroline Neuber

Die Neuberin
the Neuberin

Friederike Caroline Neuber, mentioned: the Neuberin (* 9. March 1697 in realm brook in the Vogtland; † 29. /30. November 1760 in summerhouse guest with Dresden, grave on the Leubener cemetery) was an actress andCo-foundress of the regular German play.

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life way

you came in the Vogtland as a daughter lawyers of the D. White fount to the world. 1717 escaped it with its loving, the high school student Johann Neubershe one year later married, before her gewaltätigen father to the Spiegelberg actor troop in white rock, then to the Haacke Hofmann troop, which organized her again 1725, and with which it went to Leipzig.

Since 1727 chief of a Theatertruppe, began it pieces of Destouches, Pierre Marivaux and Voltaire followed 1730 together with Johann Christoph Gottsched the theatre reform with four dramas translated from the French ( Regulus, Cid, Cinna, Berenice) in Leipzig . It is turned as astutely, persistent, andboldly up to the boldness described. Although life merry, it paid attention however strictly to moral in its troop, Liebespaare had to marry or go off.

Between 1733 and 1755 it was eight times in Dresden. It played at first in the garb house on the new market “actionescomico tragicas ", against 2, 4, 6 or 8 groschens entrance, according to whether the spectators “the Teatro far away or close wanted to be”.

As Direktrice of this troop it actually consulted the best talents and knew with them for thoseto carry out time at that time extraordinary. Entering ideas Gottscheds, helped to in-patriate it it the proper drama on the German stage and fell 1737 the Hanswurst, who had played a main role up to then on the German stage. In the same yearit played in five evenings one behind the other in the hunting seat Hubertusburg before August III. 1740 followed it a call to Petersburg, however already 1741 disappointed to Dresden and Leipzig back, over-threw themselves with Gottsched and saw themselves forced 1743, their turnedTo dissolve society.

1741 representation Gottscheds as giant-large night shape with Fledermausflügeln. Hans Moritz of Brühl supported the performance, because he could not suffer Gottsched.

1743 mockery poem (“sample of a hero poem in 8 books… Life and acts of the world-notorious and best Komödiantin of oursTime… Friederica Carolina Neuberin).

1748 production of Lessings first piece “the young scholar”.

After 1740 it was allowed to arise to no more in the Leipziger garb house, played only in small guest managing. Also after it had again organized its society 1744, it had 1750 in Zerbst again the troop dissolve and tried now again 1753 their luck as an actress in Vienna, but without success.

1759 died Johann Neuber. By the Prussian bombardment in the seven-year-old war was driven out it from Dresden, lived inbitterest poverty and of all leave up to their death in summerhouse guest with Dresden. Withdrawn from the stage completely, it died in poorness 30. November 1760. Their coffin was driven on barrows to the cemetery (grave plate). Art friends set it 1776 a monument, which was renewed 1852 and 1877. The occurrence of the “Neuberin”, an energetic, finely educated woman, forms the main turning point in the history of the German play art. By help the proper drama theatrical to its right, she reformed at the same timethe play.


  • monument in Dresden - summerhouse guest
  • 5 Marks of intending coin of the GDR 1985
  • since 1998: Leipzig lends every two years with 6.000 the euro endowed “Caroline Neuber price of the city Leipzig” to female theatre-creative from the German-speaking countries.Winner inside:Jutta Hoffmann (1998), Inge cellar (2000), Konstanze loud brook (2002), Nele Hertling (2004), Karin handle (2006)
  • 2002 premiere Sebastian Leidt “the Neuberin lives” in the art lock Hermsdorf, reperformance 2. March 2002 city gallery Radebeul
  • February 2005 premiere of the musical play “thoseNeuberin " of Ralf Ambros and Frauke of Frit in the youth theatre Koblenz (20 conceptions)


Petra Oelker: The Neuberin : the life history of the first large German actress. Rowohlt paperback Verl., Reinbek with Hamburg, 2004. ISBN 3-499-23740-7

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