Friedrich August (Luebeck)

Friedrich August (* 20. September 1711 in lock Gottorf, Schleswig; † 6. July 1785 in Oldenburg) was prince bishop of Luebeck and duke of Holstein Gottorp and Oldenburg.


Friedrich August became as a sixth child of Christian August (* 1673; † 1726) and princess Albertine Friederike of bath finalURL oh (* 1682; † 1755) born. To 21. November 1752 he married Ulrike Friederike Wilhelmine of Hessen Kassel in Kassel. Its brother was Adolf Friedrich, king of Sweden. Its niece became as Katharina II. (Katharina the large one) Zarin of Russia.

After the contract of Zarskoje Selo 1773 it by the related and Romanows the county Oldenburg and Delmenhorst governing in Russia one transferred. Emperor Joseph II. this short time raised later to the duchy. With it the 106jährige regency from far Denmark ended for Oldenburg. Friedrich August resided however likewise not in Oldenburg, but in the holsteinischen Eutin.

After his death in the year 1785 his nephew Peter Friedrich Ludwig, Sohn of his brother George Ludwig transferred (* 1719; † 1763), Regierungsgeschäfte and follow-up for the mind-ill physical son Peter Friedrich William. Altogether the pair had three children:


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