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Friedrich August von Kaulbach (* 2. June 1850 in Munich; † 26. July 1920 in Ohlstadt with Murnau at the relay lake) was a German painter. He was the son of the historical-scenes painter Friedrich Kaulbach.

It is famous forits decoratively schwärmerischen Portraits of the primarily female society in the French style 19. Century.


Friedrich August von Kaulbach studied Friedrich Kaulbach at the art school in Nuremberg (with Kreling and Raupp) and then with its father. 1871 it settled to Munichover. Stay in Paris followed. 1886 he is appointed the director of the residents of Munich academy. It was member of the academy of the arts in Berlin. Its daughter Mathilde Kaulbach, marries 1925 the painter max of Beckmann, which calls her tenderly “Quappi”.

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