Friedrich Bavarian

Friedrich Bavarian (* 6. June 1825 in Barmen Wichlinghausen (today to Wuppertal); † 6. May 1880 in peppering castle) created 1863 in Elberfeld the Farbenfabrik Friedrich Bavarian, the today's Bavarian AG.

The founder father and name giver of the later Bavarian company are born 1825 in Barmen Wichlinghausen, which belongs today to Wuppertal. In a time of blossoming textile industry it grows up as a son of a Seidenwirkers. With 14 years it steps then as an apprentice into the chemical action nature field & cost. in Barmen. There one trusts to Bavarian with the bases and problems of the Färberei. Already as 20jähriger it catches with natural colors to act on. Three years later it creates its first trading venture and develops a sales network in completely Europe. The natural coloring materials, which it offers first, are extracted still from color woods and to sell itself due to the high quality into the European capitals London, Brussels, pc. Petersburg and even until New York.

The discoveries of inorganic chemistry within the range of the coloring material production and the associated market potentials arrange also Friedrich Bavarian to diversify its selling program. The tar colors aniline and Fuchsin imported at first by Bavarian exceed the natural colors regarding its purity and jet strength. Together with its later Kompagnon Johann Friedrich Weskott experiments Bavarian with own production and testing of these tar coloring materials. Succeeds manufacturing them colors, which are qualitatively far superior to the first generation.

Successful co-operation between Bavarian and Weskott leads to the establishment of a first small fabrication plant - this germ cell the later Bavarian AG becomes at the 1. August 1863 under the designation “Friedr. Bavarian et comp. “registered into the local trade register. Due to further coloring material developments on aniline, fuchsin and alizarine basis the enterprise founders create it against in the meantime strained overall situation relating to market conditions to expand the production capacities significantly.

When Friedrich Bavarian at the age of 55 years 1880 dies, he leaves a flowering exempt private company. The sons and sons-in-law of the founder fathers are integrated as partners fully and give with the transformation to a corporation (with the help of the German bank) the enterprise its current legal form.

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