Friedrich Christoph of Saldern

Friedrich Christoph of Saldern (* 2. January 1719 in the Priegnitz; † 14. March 1785 in Magdeburg) was a Prussian general and war theoretician.

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origin, beginning of the military career

Friedrich Christoph Saldern originates from an old aristocracy sex of Lower Saxony. With his birth in the year 1719 his father battalion commander of Kolberg was, its nut/mother was a born of getting TZE village.

Saldern stepped 1735 into Stettin as a wo1 at the infantry regiment of the prince of notion Zerbst, the father of the Russian empress Katharina II., into the army and 1739 became because of its body size so-called being enough of chap, who shifts Prussian guard regiment, to potsdam. As these still in the same year in the course of the accession Friedrichs II. , came he was dissolved as a Prime Minister lieutenant to the second battalion of the new guard regiment (crowning prince regiment, No. 15).

participation in the Schlesi wars

Hohenfriedeberg, Aufmarsch der preußischen Infanterie (nach einem Historiengemälde von Carl Röchling)
high peace mountain, marching-up of the Prussian infantry (after a history painting of Carl Röchling)

after its participation in the first Schlesi war (1740-1742) received the instruction to Saldern over a company. After the second Schlesi war (1744-1745), where Salderns company in the FE storage of Prague as well as the battles was involved by high peace mountain and Soor, it 1749 to major one promoted.

seven-year-old war, disgrace

it fenced nearly in all battles of the seven-year-old of war, with honor in particular with Leuthen and Hochkirch, and acquired themselves on the march from Saxonia to Schlesien to the relief of Neisse major general rank. Also with Liegnitz and gate gau 1760 he worked with courage and war experiencingness. As Friedrich II. in February 1761 , the lock Hubertusburg instructed him too plündern, opposed Saldern the instruction and fell themselves up to the end of the war in disgrace.

army inspector and governor of Magdeburg, last years

König Friedrichs II. Wachparade in Potsdam. Kupferstich von Daniel Chodowiecki, 1777
king Friedrichs II. Awake parade in potsdam. Copper pass of Daniel Chodowiecki, 1777

1763 was entrusted Saldern with the office of an army inspector for Magdeburg and the old Mark and governor of Magdeburg. 1766 appointed it Friedrich II. finally to the lieutenant general and to it the former regiment lent Ferdinands of Braunschweig as well as the black eagle medal. Saldern carried excellent out in the tactical training of the troops, so that he always acquired himself with the autumn maneuvers the special acknowledgment Friedrichs of the large one. It died to 14. March 1785 in its garrison Magdeburg. Despite three marriages it did not leave children.

The history of the honorable refusal to obey orders before Hubertusburg is attributed also Johann Friedrich Adolph of the Marwitz (see the proofs with Friedrich E. Snatch, anniversary publication for Dieter Leuze, Berlin 2003, S. 469 ff.sowie wikipedia with “of the Marwitz).


of Saldern developed “Saldern' tactics” for the defeat of the Prussian army in the battle with Jena and Auerstedt (1806) is made responsible.


  • “tactical principles and instruction for militairischen evolutions” (Frankfurt/Leipzig 1781)
  • “tactics of the infantry” (Dresden 1784)


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