Friedrich Dieckmann

Friedrich Dieckmann (* 25. May 1937 in Landsberg/Warthe) is a German writer.

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Friedrich Dieckmann is the son of the politician Johannes Dieckmann. It buildup in Dresden and in Birkenwerder with Berlin . After the attendance of a high school in Oranienburg he put 1955 down the maturity examination and studied afterwards Germanistik, philosophy and physics at the University of Leipzig. It attained a doctorate to the doctor of philosophy and lives since 1963 as free writers in east Berlin. From 1972 to 1976 it was Dramaturg at the citizen of Berlin ensemble.

Friedrich Dieckmann was starting from 1970 member of the writer federation of the GDR and since 1972 of the PEN - center of the GDR. 1992 it became member of the free academy of the arts in Leipzig, 1995 of the German academy for language and seal in Darmstadt, 1996 of the Saxonian academy of the arts and 1997 the citizen of Berlin academy of the arts along-created by it.


Friedrich Dieckmann is author of essays, criticisms, narrations and broadcast features.

honors and honours

of works

  • Karl von Appens sceneries at the citizen of Berlin ensemble, Berlin of 1971
  • excursions, Berlin and others 1977
  • theatre pictures, Berlin 1979
  • Orpheus, inaugurated, Berlin 1983
  • smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Wagner in Venice, Darmstadt and others 1983
  • Wagner, Verdi, Berlin 1989
  • water music, Leipzig 1989 (together with Ludwig von Hofmann)
  • aid against the aging time, Leipzig and others 1990
  • history Don of Giovanni, Frankfurt/Main and others 1991
  • bell ringing and open questions, Frankfurt/Main 1991
  • of bringing in, Frankfurt/Main of 1992
  • Dresdens opinions, Frankfurt/Main and others 1995
  • temperature jump, Frankfurt/Main of 1995
  • ways by the center, Berlin 1995
  • Franz thrust ore, Frankfurt/Main and others 1996
  • the mistake of disappearing, Leipzig 1996
  • split world and a loving pair, Frankfurt/Main and others 1999
  • the liberty one instant, Berlin 2002
  • which is German?, Frankfurt/Main 2003
  • who was break?, Berlin 2003
  • Berlin as Werkraum, Berlin 2005
  • “this kiss of the whole world! ”, Frankfurt/Main and others 2005

publisher shank

  • Karl von Appen, old and new, Berlin of 1975
  • stage designers of the German Democratic Republic, Berlin 1978
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: The magic flute, Berlin 1984
  • the posters citizens of Berlin of the ensemble 1949 - 1989, Hamburg 1992 (together with Karl-Heinz Dre)
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Don Giovanni German, sank Augustin 1993
  • Ernst Bloch: Many chambers in the world house, Frankfurt/Main 1994
  • the validity of the literature, Berlin 1999

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