Friedrich Franz of balance spring

Friedrich Franz of balance spring (* 16. April 1893 in Berlin, † 16. May 1986 in Merzhausen) was a German writer.

He was the eight years younger brother and fellow combatant of the writer Fritz von Unruh.

Just like this also Friedrich Franz was according to the family tradition first an officer. Starting from 1918, after which end of the First World War, in which it had been heavily wounded, it studied history, philosophy and natural science, worked in the industry and as a journalist, before it worked starting from 1932 as free writers.

By its terrible experiences at the front it was pazifistisch motivated on the search for a new people picture. With the lampoon national socialism it already warned 1931 before Hitler - movement, wrote diagrams and Prosawerke, in which it occurred engaged against monarchy and military, but for democracy.


  • death and Erika Ziska, 1937
  • the internal instruction, meal 1938
  • Tresckow, 1952
  • the apple meadow, 1957
  • after long years, Bodmann/Bodensee 1960
  • where however danger is, Bodmann/Bodensee 1965
  • marriage the hour struck. A youth in the Empire of, 1967
  • the attendance, Bodmann/Bodensee 1971
  • final report, Ludwigsburg 1974
  • the devil in the retirement, Bodmann/Bodensee 1977
  • turn of the century, Bodmann/Bodensee 1983


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