Friedrich Grillo

Friedrich Grillo (* 20. December 1825 in meals; † 16. April 1888 in Duesseldorf) was a German Industrieller, who coined/shaped the development of the Ruhr district in the period of promoterism considerably.

Grillo was the son of a Essener buyer family and took over the paternal enterprise. He took part in different bill trades and won increasingly in influence.

as well as banks from Cologne and Berlin intersperse Grillo the corporation as typical form of business organization in the Ruhr district and deepened the connection of banks and economics. Grillo was one of the most influential persons of the Ruhr district of its time.

Friedrich Grillo and its widow Wilhelmine Grillo geb. The costs of property and two thirds of the construction costses of the Essener of city theatre from their fortune, which was opened 1892 , donated fount. The theatre was then called also Grillo theatre.

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