Friedrich Hetzel

Porträt von Friedrich Hetzel
haven-guesses/advises from Friedrich Hetzel

Friedrich Hetzel (* 29. October 1804; † 3. September 1886) was a German banker, who dedicated its entire fortune to charitable purposes.

Among other things it financed the hospital Hetzelstift, the kindergarten Hetzelstift as well as an orphanage in new city at the crying race. After its death the childless Friedrich Hetzel left approximately a million Mark. The interest from parts of this fortune benefits today the mechanisms initiated by it until.

He was appointed due to his earnings/services 1872 the first honour citizen of the city new city at the crying race. On the occasion of its 80. Birthday (1884), the Bavarian king lent Ludwig II. to it. (Bavaria) the title Kommerzienrat and the earnings/service medal “1. Class of the holy Michael ".

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