Friedrich II. (Austria)

Friedrich II., called the contentious one (* 15. June 1219 in Viennese new city; † 15. June 1246 in the battle to the Leitha), from the sex of the Babenberger, was from 1230 to 1246 duke of Austria and the Steiermark.

He was the only son of duke Leopold VI. and Theodora Angoloi, a Byzantine princess. It was married in first marriage with a Laskaris, in second with Agnes of Meran. Its surname the contentious one too wrongly one did not give to it -it was time of its government constantly into fights with all neighbours complicated - particularly with Hungary, Bavaria and Böhmen. Also those so far the duke house faithfully resulted in Kuenringer rose equal at the beginning of its government against it. Most dangerously were however its disputeswith emperor Friedrich II., which even outlawed it 1236. Vienna was during its proscription for a few years free realm city. It could hold itself however in Viennese new city. 1239 came it however to a spectacular idiom in the imperial policy - Friedrich becameto an important ally of the emperor. He negotiated with him about the collection of Vienna to a diocese and even about the increase of Austria (with the Steiermark) to a kingdom. A condition would be however a marriage of its niece Gertrud with at that time nearly fifty-year old emperorbeen, which rejected the girl however. It fell in a battle against the Hungary king Béla IV.; with it the Babenberger in the man trunk became extinct.

Friedrich the contentious one forms an epoch paging in the history of Austria as last Babenberger. In his high-flying plans its later successor Rudolf IV. not dissimilarly, its unsteady character interfered it again and again. After him was entitled to inherit (the Privilegium minus also the female succession planned there) his sister Margarete and its niece Gertrud of Austria. Gertrud married 1246 first Vladislav of Mähren, a son king Wenzel I. of Böhmen. The marriage took only few months, since Vladislav deceased soon. In 2. Before she married 1248 Hermann of bathing, which could become generally accepted in Austria however not correctly and likewise young died. 1252 went it their to 3. Before with novelfrom Halicz, used one the Hungary king. This became divorced, when the duchies Margarete were awarded. Margarete was married of that more than twenty years younger Ottokar Přemysl. Thereupon Austria became a conflict field between Přemysliden and Arpaden, with this conflict could Ottokarintersperse themselves provisionally.


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