Friedrich III. (Pfalz)

Friedrich III. of the Pfalz, the pious one (* 14. February 1515 in Simmern; † 26. October 1576 in Heidelberg) from the family of the Wittelsbacher was Pfalzgraf of Simmern Sponheim and cure prince of the Pfalz (1559-1576).
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parents were Pfalzgraf Johann II. on. (1492 - 1557) and Beatrix of bathing (1492 - 1535).

It followed the childless cure prince Ottheinrich (1556-1559) in the pfälzischen cure. In the sciences earlyinformed, Friedrich became since 1546 an eager, convinced trailer of the reformation. Ground with Maria, the daughter of the Mark count Kasimir von Kulmbach 1537, it had a numerous family; he was a poor with material emergency often fighting prince, as he to 12. February 1559 the curereceived. As a cure prince it stood in the realm in large reputation because of the energy, with which it represented the Protestant thing. The reformed view zuneigend, he stepped himself with since 1560 ever the more schroffer becoming Parteiung between Lutheranern and reformed ever more decided for the thing thatReformed up. Its work is the Heidelberger Katechismus of 1563, on whose editorship to in individual exerted influence large inside it; it interspersed it that the Pfalz this confession anhing. The Lutheraner left the country. This pfälzische religion change became from the German Protestantennot gladly seen. One denied the Calvinisten the “affiliation to Augsburger the denomination relatives”, to which the confessional peace of 1555 had awarded tolerance; one wanted to call the reformed ones Sektierer standing outside of the peace. On Augsburger Reichstag of 1566 had cure prince Friedrich therefore violent contestations tooexist: its faith courage and its energy overcame at that time the opponents. But the Zwiespalt and contrast of the two Protestant directions, which were represented primarily by course axles and Kurpfalz, did large damage to the general thing of the protest anti-mash. Also in the own house Friedrich had annoyance: the oldest son,Ludwig, was Lutheraner, second, Johann Kasimir, trailer of the paternal religion and policy. With all opponents of the habsburgisch catholic party in Europe Friedrich stood in connection: in England, in France and in the Netherlands he handed the hand to the fighting Protestanten. Particularly the French Huguenots pleasedrepeats itself his advice and his assistance, thus 1562 and 1567. In the year 1568 Johann Kasimir participated on behalf the father in the Huguenot war, and that Netherlands rebellion was supported by a pfälzischen army. The third son Friedrichs, Christoph, found in the battle on thatMooker heath (April 1574) death. On the inside the cure prince sought to lift the bloom of the Heidelberger university in all way and provided incessantly for the church and public education of its country.

1568 white Friedrich wallonische faith refugees, so-called reformed ones into the left open monastery in Lambrecht in.Many the Wallonen were Tuchmacher and justified a tradition in the Neustadter valley, lasting for a long time.

Friedrich was buried in the holy spirit church in Heidelberg.


Friedrich III. married 1537 Marie of Brandenburg Kulmbach (1519 - 1567).

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