Friedrich Mohs

Friedrich Mohs, Lithographie von Joseph Kriehuber, 1832
Friedrich Mohs, lithography of Joseph Kriehuber, 1832
Friedrich Mohs
Friedrich Mohs

Carl Friedrich Christian Mohs (* 29. January 1773 Gernrode (resin); † 29. September 1839 in Agordo, Italy), was German - a Austrian Mineraloge.

Mohs studied mathematics, physics and chemistry at the university resounds (Saale). At the mountain academy free mountain it completed its studies with the additional subject mechanics. One its teacher in free mountain was a Mineraloge and Geognostiker Abraham God praise Werner, the Mohs in its fan introduced.1801 became Mohs pit foreman in new village in the resin. 1802 he came for the first time to Vienna, around the rock collection of the banker J. F. van the zero to sort and annotieren. 1812Mohs was appointed as the professor of the mineralogy at the Joanneum in Graz. In this time it developed the Mohshärteskala designated after him. With its classification of the minerals, those particularly on the physical characteristics (form, hardness, brittleness, specific weight) its objects took off, was Mohs in opposition to most of its colleagues, who put main interest on the chemical composition. Starting from 1817 it took the chair of its teacher Werner at the mountain academy free mountain as a successor. 1826 followedan appointment to Vienna. It held its lectures in addition however by k.u.k. Mineral received 1834 here beside its Professur also one the Kustodenstellen. 1835 were appointed Mohs as a mountain advice to the Montanistikum after Leoben and left also the mineral cabinet.

Mohs died 1839 on an Italy journey.

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