Friedrich Nowottny

Friedrich Nowottny (* 16. May 1929 in Hindenburg, Upper Silesia; today Zabrze, Poland) is a German journalist and former director of the West German broadcast (WDR).


after its graduation worked Friedrich Nowottny from 1946 to 1948 at the British Crew power in Bielefeld. Its journalistic career began it 1948 as free coworkers and restaurant reporter during the daily paper free one press in Bielefeld. Before it took up 1953 a Volontariat with this newspaper, it was in the meantime in the head office of the German railway insurance fund in Bielefeld busy. Afterthe conclusion of the Volontariats he was taken over as an editor and became 1958 department leaders.

1962 changed Nowottny to the Saarland broadcast and became director/conductor of the television head department for economics and social. The television broadcast the market - economics for everyone announced it at the television public. he took over 1965already the place of the deputy editor-in-chief.

At the 1. April 1967 changed Nowottny as deputy Studioleiter to the WDR into the TV studio Bonn, which it starting from that 1. February 1973 led. For the pool of broadcasting corporations it moderated up to 7. June 1985 altogether 1000 time thoseTransmission report from Bonn, which became under it the institution. In addition it was a commentator and boss korrespondent of the pool of broadcasting corporations. Because of its ironical reporting and Schlagfertigkeit particularly in interviews with politicians he belonged to the most popular television journalists and help the Politjournalismus to higher popularity.As legendary an interview with Willy Brandt with long questions and short yes/no answers is considered.

To 14. June 1985 ascended Nowottny to the director of the WDR. As one of largest successes of its activity as a director the introduction of the WDR Vollprogramms is considered in the year 1994. Into its term of officefurther the start of the Weekly lime tree road, the introduction of the POOL OF BROADCASTING CORPORATIONS of breakfast television and the radio programs unity live one as well as WDR radio 5 fell. 1991 and 1992 Nowottny the pool of broadcasting corporations stated as a chairman. In its term of office it managte the admission of the East German broadcasting corporations inthe pool of broadcasting corporations as well as the fusion of the Deutschlandfunk and RIAS Berlin to the Germany radio. The WDR Chefposten Nowottny handed over to 30. June 1995 at Fritz Pleitgen and went into the retirement.

For a long time it did not hold it there however. This very day Friedrich Nowottny appears occasionally on the screenlike z. B. as commentator of the election to the Bundestag 2002 for RTL up-to-date and the election to the Bundestag 2005 for Phoenix. He works again as a free journalist, holds lectures and writes and. A. for a newspaper column in the Cologne express.



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