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August Friedrich Pecht (* 2. October 1814 in Konstanz; † 24. April 1903 in Munich) was a German painter and art writer.

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Pecht was the son of the Lithographen Andreas Pecht and its wife Susanna Gänsli. From its father it received its first artistic instruction and could also as the Lithographen be trained. With 19 years Pecht became 1833 pupils of the academy of arts in Munich. There it followed already soon Peter Hess, Julius Schnorr of Carolsfeld and the sculptor Konrad Eberhard .

1833 became Pecht in Munich Assisstent of Franz Seraph Hanfstaengl and went with it 1835 to Dresden. By the instruction of the academy Pecht changed later however from the lithography to the painting. After his initial successes in the Porträtzeichnerei took up it 1839 the painter Paul Delaroche to Paris for two years in its studio.

1841 returned Pecht again to Munich and established themselves there as free lance painters. Until 1844 it lived alternating there and in Konstanz. Pecht in Leipzig and left Dresden spent the years 1844 to 1847 and afterwards nearly two years in Frankfurt/Main. Between 1835 and 1850 Pecht acquaintance with Gustav Freytag, Heinrich Heine, Heinrich summerhouse, Gottfried Semper, smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Wagner closed u.v.a.

1852 married Pecht in Ulm Clothilde Clementine, a daughter of the württembergischen financial advice Joseph of bird. With their it had a daughter.

The years 1851 to 1852 and again 1853 to 1854 Pecht in Italy spent. With both journeys he spent longer time also in Rome around the antique one to study. When it returned 1854 to Germany, it established itself for the remainder of its life in Munich. There its developed partially. large sized oil pictures from the life Johann Wolfgang von Goethes and Friedrich Schillers; to a large extent as order work of the Grand Duke of bathing Leopold. Besides Pecht created also together with Arthur von Ramberg illustrations to German classical authors, among other things “Schiller gallery”, “Goethe gallery” and” Lessing - gallery ". To the “Shakespeare - gallery ", which among other things created by max Adamo was, written Pecht the texts and debütierte thereby as an expert art writer.

Pecht was also assigned in these years to arrange with several monumental works a hall residents of Munich of the Maximilianeums new. In twelve pictures Pecht showed deserving field gentlemen and statesmen from Bavarian history. Together with his colleague Fritz Schwoerer, which he could do ago from his time at the academy, was assigned Pecht by the city Konstanz to decorate the large hall of the council building. Pecht took up the history of the city also here and placed among other things the choice of Pope Martin V. of 1417.

Starting from approximately 1854 Pecht worked almost exclusively as an editor for the art department Augsburger general newspaper in Munich. For this reported it then also exclusively of the world exhibitions in Paris (1867, 1868, 1889) and Vienna (1873).

1874 died its wife and starting from this time led it its daughter its household.

1885 one entrusted Pecht with the line of the magazine the art for all. Besides Pecht in different daily papers published (among other things “South German press” (Munich), “new press” (Vienna), “daily ones round-look” (Berlin)) to all possible topics concerning the art; altogether far over 1500 articles. Pecht a representative of the conservative direction was fundamental; but starting from 1870/71 to the French-German war article outweighed German national consciousness nearly too much in Pechts.

At the age of 88 years August Friedrich Pecht died to 24. April 1903 in Munich.

works (pictures)

  • Goethe gallery. Characters from Goethe's works, Brockhaus, Leipzig 1877
  • Lessing gallery. Characters from Lessings works, Brockhaus, Leipzig 1868
  • Schiller gallery. Characters from Schillers works, Brockhaus, Leipzig 1959

works (literature)

  • from my time. Life memories, VA for art and science, Munich of 1894
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  • art and art industry on that Paris world exhibition 1878, Cotta, Stuttgart of 1878
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    • 1. - Venice - Rome
    • 2. - Neapel - Florenz
  • Venice art treasures, Austrian Lloyd, Triest 1860


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