Friedrich Wührer

Friedrich Wührer (* 29. June 1900 in Vienna; † 27. December 1975 in Mannheim) was a GermanAustrian pianist.

After Wührer had studied with Franz Schmidt piano, with Ferdinand lion directing and with Joseph Marx music theory, he began early a pianist career, which led him by nearly all continents. In the twenties it arose more frequently in concerts beautiful mountain - of the circle, thus 1923 with beautiful mountain George songs OI. 15, 1924 with the famous “Pierrot Lunaire” - performance in Barcelona, where Wührer in place of Eduard attendant played the piano part, or 1925 with Weberns pieces for cello and piano OI. 11. Although Wührers repertoire covered also works of Béla Bartók and Strawinsky , Prokofjew and Paul Hindemith, the emphasis of the pianist was on the music of the romance and late romance. It probably brought the entire piano work in of thrust ore for the record as the first. At the same time it exercised an important educational activity, successively in Vienna, Mannheim (1934), Kiel (1936), last in Munich. Besides it led regularly master courses at the Mozarteum in Salzburg. Wührer, which was friendly with max of active and Hans Pfitzner, wrote a book of “masterpieces of the piano music”, which appeared 1966 in Wilhelmshaven; it was active also as publishers and an editor (“Chopin studies”, “old person master”, piano works of Franz Schmidt).


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