Friedrich Wieck

picture: Friedrich Wieck.bmp Johann God praise Friedrich Wieck (* 18. August 1785 in Pretzsch (Elbe) with joke mountain; † 6. October 1873 in delete joke with Dresden) was a German musician and music paedagogue.

Friedrich Wieck was a studied theologian,from its passion for the music on the piano to train and first a piano factory and an institute for borrowing for Musikalien left themselves based. He married first the singer Marianne Tromlitz (she is the nut/mother of Clara Schumann), later thosetwenty years younger Clementine Fechner.

Wieck is considered to 19 beginning as one of the most important music paedagogues. Century in the German-speaking countries. Most successful pupil was its daughter Clara. It formed it out, organized for it at the time often only alsoTroubles to mastering concert tours by Europe and you help celebrity by its activities too in former times. Also the composer Robert Schumann, which Clara married later, was for two years its pupil.

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