Friedrich William prepare

Friedrich William prepare (* 6. July 1739 in Wörlitz; † 28. February 1796 in Dessau) was a German composer.

Prepare visited until 1758 the lutherische High School in Köthen and studied jurisprudence in resounds (Saale), where it was informed by William peace man brook in composition , organ - and piano play. Starting from 1762 it took music instruction with Karl Hoeckh in Zerbst as well as with Carl Philipp Emanuel brook and Franz Benda in Berlin. 1767 it accompanied the prince Leopold Friedrich Franz of notion Dessau on an Italy journey, where it perfected its training with Giuseppe Tartini and Gaetano Pugnani. Since 1775 it was as successors of Johann Friedrich Fasch director of yard music and director/conductor of the theatre in Dessau. Goethe, who 1776 in Wörlitz was, was in such a way impressed of him that it wanted to have toned a majority of its works of it.

Beside opportunity works composed prepare musical dramas (“Inkle and Yariko”, “Fingal in Lochlie” and “Inamorulla” after Ossian), Kantaten (“Mr. Gott we, “allbenevolent praise you”, in all heights”), deserts and songs (among other things “Wanderers night song” after Goethe) in the feeling seed style. Its technically fastidious Violin and piano works (among other things six Sonaten) are to be already assigned to the classical period.


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