Friedrich of Prittwitz and Gaffron

Dr. Friedrich-Wilhelm von Prittwitz und Gaffron, deutscher Botschafter
Dr. Friedrich William of Prittwitz and Gaffron, German Ambassador
Das Wappen der Familie von Prittwitz und Gaffron
the coat of arms of the family of Prittwitz and Gaffron

Karl Maximilian Friedrich William of Prittwitz and Gaffron (* 1. September 1884 in Stuttgart, Württemberg; † 1. September 1955 in Tutzing, Kr. Star mountain, Bavaria), Dr. jur., German Ambassador was in the USA (1927-1933) and after end of war member of the Bavarian federal state parliament.

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Prittwitz came of an old, far branched out schlesischen aristocracy sex and was the son royal Prussian Colonels Arwed von Prittwitz and Gaffron and the Sarah Freiin bulkhead of Scot stone.

He married to 21. December 1920 in Berlin Marieluise countess of Strachwitz and large Zauche (house Camminetz) (* 14. January 1892 in Ohlau, Niederschlesien; † 9. June 1986 in Tutzing), the daughter of the royally Prussian ride master of the land resistance - Kavallerie Adalbert count von Strachwitz and large Zauche and Maria Freiin von Saurma and the Jeltsch.


Prittwitz was appointed, straight times 43 years old, surprisingly by Gustav Stresemann 1927 against doubts of realm president Paul von Hindenburg and conservative parties in Reichstag the German Ambassador in the USA. It was considered to the democrat as world open and intimate. It rejected the box spirit of the Vorkriegszeit and wanted representatives of the German people with the American people to be, the diplomacy should the world peace serve. It promoted naturally the economical connections, but it attached particular importance to the cultural relationship of the two countries. So he was often guest with Adolph Ochs, the owner the New York Time. It called the revolution of 1848 also link between Germany and the USA, since it was not only the birth of the democracy in Germany, but also in addition led that many German democrats emigrated into the USA.

To 16. April 1933 it withdrew as an Ambassador and separated from the diplomatic service . Its democratic republican convictions stood for the national socialist contrary to the new ruling powers in Germany . He hoped that some other Ambassadors would follow, it was however the only one.

After the third realm it was politically active, dressed however no high post more. It ranked among the initial members of the CSU and occurred for people communication and for the reunification of Germany.


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