Friedrich of Rabenau

Friedrich of Rabenau (* 10. October 1884; † 15. April 1945 in the KZ fin-vouch) was a German general, theologian and victim of the national socialism.

Was from Rabenau career officer. 1936 it was assigned colonel general Ludwig Beck , by the boss at that time of the general staff, to develop for the first time central German army archives. The scientific seriosity of the collected sources went to it over everything and it wanted ideological falsifications to prevent.

Its Christian faith let it become the early opponent of the national socialism, it was right knight of the Johanniterordens. Thus it stepped decided and successfully as Evangelist Christian and general with the realm leader at that time SS Heinrich Himmler for the receipt of the abbey Maria Laach , for which cardinal count von Galen had asked it in Münster. Rabenau followed however no group of resistances, became however contact man between colonel general Ludwig Beck and Carl Friedrich Goerdeler, which he from its time as a department commander in Königsberg/OPr. knew ago.

1942 it was shifted in the rank of a general of the artillery into the early retirement. It studied Evangelist theology at the university in Berlin and received to 1943 the title Licentiatus theologiae.

After that 20. July 1944 he was arrested and to 15. April 1945 as one of the last passengers in the KZ fin-vouch on express instruction Heinrich Himmlers murdered, without which a procedure would ever have been raised against it opened or also only accusation against it.

It was married with EH Kautz and left two daughters.


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