Frits Philips

Frederik Jacques Philips (* 16. April 1905 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands; † 5. December 2005 in Eindhoven), called Frits Philips, was a Netherlands Industrieller.


Frits Philips became 1905 as a son of Anton Philips, the actual company founder of the Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. (briefly „Philips “), born. 1923 to 1929 it studied to DOES Delft and was also attained a doctorate here. Its father already transferred it with 25 years responsibility in the company. From 1961 to 1971 Frits Philips was a last company president with the founder name. Frits Philips created the electronics company Philips with more than 160,000 coworkers from the lamp factory of its father and an uncle. Under its auspice the Compact cartridge (1961) was introduced world-wide and production was taken up by integrated circuits with Philips. Today Philips is considered to chips as a market leader for example with the radio frequencies identification (RFID) -.

It remained time life in the Netherlands resident, also as a part of its family the Netherlands in the Second World War because of German occupation left. Under the National Socialist rule it was interned 1943 for several months in a concentration camp.

Frits Philips was in the Netherlands and in its birth city due to its social commitment much likes in particular and kept presented in April 2005 as indications of the Ehrerbietung the Meistertrophäe of the Eredivisie (first football league of the Netherlands) of Marks van Bommel. The football stadium in Eindhoven carries its names.

Philips died at the consequences of a pneumonia.

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