Fritz Büchtger

Fritz Büchtger (* 14. February 1903 in Munich; † 26. December 1978 in star mountain) was a German composer.

Büchtger studied at the music academy of Munich with Eberhard Schwickerath, Hermann walter living and Anton Beer Walbrunn. it created 1927 with Carl Orff and Werner Egk the combination for contemporary music, which brought about one hundred seventy works of contemporary composers in Munich to the performance. 1948 he became director/conductor of the Studios for new music and the youth school of music in Munich. Since 1963 he was a president of the German section of the Jeunesses of musical. It organized in the three decades after the Second World War ten of music festival and about seven hundred concerts, in which two thousand eight hundred works of modern music were presented.

Beside an opera, an orchestral concert and a Violinkonzert Büchtger composed three of religious Oratorien, Kirchenkantaten, Marienhymnen, choir music and song cycles.


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