Fritz Berendsen

Fritz Berendsen (* 15. March 1904 in Ratzeburg; † 1. October 1974) was a German politician (CDU).

training and occupation

after the Abitur in Ratzeburg Berendsen occurred 1923 the realm resistance and was until 1936 officer, last as Schwadronschef East Prussia. 1936 to 1938 it visited the war academy in Berlin and afterwards until 1945 as a Colonel in the general staff was used.

After the Second World War Berendsen became an attorney of the Klöckner works AG in Duisburg.

1959 it was re-activated and served until 1964 as a Brigadier General in the German Federal Armed Forces.


Berendsen was from 1952 to 1959 member of the town councillor of Duisburg.

It was from 1953 to its mandate resignation to 15. September 1959 member of the German federal daily. After its retirement it belonged to the Bundestag again from 1965 to 1969 .

1953 and 1957 he as directly selected delegates of the constituency Duisburg II and 1965 over the national list Baden-Wuerttemberg into the Bundestag drew.

1957 became against it and the DP - delegates Martin blank and Hasso of Manteuffel of reproaches in connection with defense contracts loud. The defence committee of the federal daily became thereupon as a committee of inquiry in accordance with article 45a Basic Law actively, could not confirm the reproaches however.

Berendsen belonged also to the North Atlantic meeting (“NATO parliament”). There he was from 1956 to 1958 vice-president.


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