Fritz shrubs

Fritz shrubs (* 13. March 1890 in victories, † 14. September 1951 in London) was a German conductor.


its father was an instrument farmer William shrubs.

Fritz shrubs studied with professor Fritz Steinbach in Cologne.Subsequently, he was a Kapellmeister in Riga, bath Pyrmont and Gotha. From 1912 to 1918 it was engaged as a director of music in Aachen.

In the years 1918 to 1922 he was head conductor and Hofkapellmeister in Stuttgart. From 1922 to 1933 he works as a head conductorin Dresden.

1933 it emigrierte to England and was concert and opera conductor in Glyndebourne, where it created also the there festivals as well as Carl Ebert. Subsequently, he worked among other things in Buenos Aires, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Edinburgh and Zürich. 1945 until 1950 he was artistic leader the metropolitan Opera New York. In February 1951 it returned to Germany. The planned appointment to the Viennese state opera was destroyed made by death in the year 1951.

Fritz shrubs was the brother of the composer Adolf shrubs, the actor Willi shrubs and Hermann shrubs as well as the musician Heinrich shrubs.

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