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Fritz Cremer (* 22. October 1906 in Arnsberg in the sour country, North Rhine-Westphalia; † 1. September 1993 in Berlin) was a German sculptor, commercial artist and a draughtsman, late vice-president of the academy of the arts of the GDR.

Monument for German Spain fighters in Berlin Friedrichhain (cutout)

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Cremer was born 1906 as a son of a Tapeziermeisters. Already in the next year 1907 its father died. When 1922 also still its nut/mother deceased, Cremer lived as a full orphan in a mountain worker family.

He married 1950 in Berlin briefly before the divorced painter and Keramikerin Christa of Carnap (* 16. August 1921 in Görlitz, Niederschlesien), the daughter of the Alfred von Carnap (1894-1965), buyer in Berlin Wilmersdorf, and its first wife Susanne Schindler. Christa of Carnap had before in first marriage to 17. September 1941 in Berlin beautiful mountain the sculptor Waldemar Grzimek (* 5. December 1918 in slot castle, East Prussia; † 26. May 1984 in Berlin) married, the son of the captain of d.Res., attorney and Oberpräsidialrats Dr. Günther Grzimek and the Emmy Jansen from Bonn.


beech forest monument of Professor. Fritz Cremer

Cremer completed training as the stone sculptor in meals after the attendance of the High School 1921 to 1925. Afterwards it worked as if stone-cutter-associated and visited plastic courses of the Folkwang school in meals. it joined 1928 the KPD and took up a study at the united state school for free and applied art to Berlin Charlottenburg with William Gerstl (1879-1963), its master pupil it became following. After the study at the German academy in Rome 1937 - 38 it had a master studio at the Prussian academy of the arts. 1940 to 1944 he was a soldier of the armed forces, afterwards in Yugoslav war shank.

1946 joined Cremer of the SED and became a professor and director/conductor of the sculptor department of the academy for applied art in Vienna. it moved to 1950 into the GDR and took over a master class at the academy of the arts, whose vice-president was he 1974 to 1983. Cremer signed 1974 the protest letter against the deprivation of citizenship wolf of Biermann from the GDR also, withdrew its signature however after few days.

Cremer received the patriotic earnings/service medal, 1974 the Karl Marx medals to 1965 and became 1967 honour member of the academy of the arts of the USSR.


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Denkmal "Müttergruppe" in der Mahn- u. Gedenkstätte KZ Ravensbrück
monument “group of mothers” in the reminding and. Memorial place KZ Ravensbrück
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sculptures in Berlin

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exhibition to 100. Birthday by Fritz Cremer of 19. March to 14. May 2006 in Güstrow


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