Fritz Giegold

Fritz Giegold (* 2. March 1903 in Leupoldsgrün, † 13. November 1978 ebenda) was an important German composer in chess.

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chess composition

1916 created Giegold its first chess problem, which was published in the “Hofer indicator”. he received the title of Bavarian problem masters to 1926 and 1948. The honour needle of the upperFrankish chess federation was lent to it. From 1948 to its dying it was responsible for the chess corner of the Franconia post office. Altogether he wrote about 850 chess compositions. Since its tasks were usually optically responding and not puzzling, Giegold contributed much to the popularization of the chess composition.

Following task published it 1956 in the daily paper the world:

Matt in 4 Zügen
Matt in 4 courses

solution: First one must put a field to the black king at the disposal, so that no Patt occurs. 1. La5-e1 Kc6-b6 2. Le1-f2 Kb6-a7 (Kb6-a5 3. Kc8-b7 Ka5-b4 4. Lf2-e1#) 3. Se3-c4 d5xc4 4. one

calls d4-d5# the surprising runner maneuver of the first two courses in the chess composition Hinterstellung.

chess player

Giegold played also quite passably tournament chess. With 18 years it became member in the chess club yard 1892. 1925 he became upperFrankish chess master several times, in the following years city masters of yard. Occasionally it lost a portion, because it avoided and instead of its a “beautiful” profit course looked for the pragmatic continuation in profit position. After the 2.Weltkrieg it shifted its emphasis on problem chess.


Giegold worked as commercial employees. He remained bachelor. It was well-known good sport contactors and also as mushroom connoisseurs.


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