Fritz tail ore

Fritz tail ore (* 28. March 1884 in Chemnitz; † 7. April 1936 in Moscow) saw 1884 as a son of a worker family in Chemnitz the light of the world. After the school attendance he learned the occupation of the bricklayer.

Galerie und Restaurant „Heck-ART“
Gallery and restaurant „kind of tail “

1902it joined the building worker trade union and the SPD . Its political point of view changed however constantly further to the left. It was member in the Spartakusbund, in the USPD and belonged to the founders of the KPD.

1924 he became a delegate in German Reichstag. After thatSeizure of power by the national socialists it became to 25. August 1933 expatriated. It fled to Moscow, where it to 7. April 1936 at an impact accumulation died. Its urn was buried at the Kremlin wall.

Its birth house in the mill road was torn off and situation-shifted in the GDRagain original-faithfully developed. Today it is under the designation “house of kind of tail” a part of the Chemnitzer art scene.

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