Fritz Noether

Fritz Alexander Ernst Noether (* 7. October 1884 in attaining; † 10. September 1941 in Orel, Russia) was a German mathematician.


Fritz Noethers father, max of Noether, was a mathematician and professor in attaining. The important Mathematikerin Emmy Noether was its older sister.

Noether studied physics and mathematics starting from 1904 in attaining and Munich. it attained a doctorate to 1909 with with summa cum laude evaluated thesis over rolling movements a ball on surfaces of revolution. The last volume of the four-restrained work over the theory of the gyroscope of Felix Klein and Arnold Sommerfeld, who treats technical applications of the Kreiseltheorie, is strongly coined/shaped of Noether.

1911 it habilitierte at the University of Karlsruhe with the work over the range of validity of the Stokes resistance formula. After an activity as a private lecturer he was appointed 1918 the extraordinary professor. From 1922 to 1934 it held the chair for higher mathematics and mechanics at the university in Breslau (today Wrocław, Poland).

After Noether had been shifted 1934 as a Jew for rassischen reasons into the retirement, he emigrierte into the Soviet Union, where he received a Professur at Institut for mathematics and mechanics at the university in the Siberian Tomsk. While the so-called Stalin cleanings Fritz Noether in its dwelling in Tomsk was arrested by the secret service NKWD and condemned because of alleged espionage for Germany to 25 years prison. Albert Einstein sat down in a letter of 28. April 1938 to the Soviet minister of foreign affairs Maxim Litwinow in vain for the mathematician. Only with the opening of secret archives under Mikhail Gorbatschow it became admits that Noether in the summer 1941, i.e. after the assault of Germany condemns on the Soviet Union, because of alleged antisoviet propaganda to death and to 10. September 1941 in Orel was shot.

meaning scientific activities

the scientifically most meaning achievements Fritz Noethers are on the area of the Funktionalanalysis. It is considered as an inventor of the Fredholm operators designated after the Swedish mathematician Ivar Fredholm (1866 - 1927 ). In the Russian literature these are called mostly Noether operators.

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