Fritz Pleitgen

Fritz Ferdinand Pleitgen (* 21. March 1938 in Duisburg) is a German journalist.

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its first newspaper report already wrote Fritz Pleitgen with 14 years. After the attendance of the High School, during whose he worked as free coworkers for sport - and court - reporting, it made federations of the free press Bielefeld with the expenditure for restaurant in the year 1959 a Volontariat. There he remained, to he in the year 1963 to the West German broadcast Cologne (WDR) changed as an editor for politics, sport and reports.

There he worked first in the editorship of the news of the day and as a special correspondent. It proved its authority here particularly within the ranges politics and science, by arguing with topics like European Economic Community , NATO , aviation , space travel as well as medicine. In the year 1970 it received the first important task as correspondent for the pool of broadcasting corporations in Moscow. He summarizes its time in the USA later with journalist in America - a dream.

As an editor-in-chief Fernsehen with the WDR Pleitgen from 1988 was responsible to 1993 for the ranges of topics politics and Zeitgeschehen. In connection with the German reunification and the collapse of the Soviet Union he led numerous transmissions of the transmission row focus as well as some special transmissions. With the case of wall it reported from Berlin and reminded colleagues to a moderate reporting: “This is an explosive time, to which we should not give still another an additional drama TIC or scale”.

After Pleitgen became in the year 1994 radio broadcasting director of the WDR, under its direction meaning changes at the concept of WDR sound broadcasting were accomplished.

1995 it became as a successor of Friedrich Nowottny director of the WDR. After a again choice in the year 2000 he stops this posts this very day. In the years 2001 and 2002 he was besides a chairman of the pool of broadcasting corporations. Pleitgen is further since 2002 vice-president of the European Broadcasting union.

Fritz Pleitgen is also further journalistically active apart from its leading tasks. One of its recent productions was the tracing radiated in the pool of broadcasting corporations in the ore mountains “seeing again with the Weihnachtsland”. However it is supported thereby by coworkers; with the book to the TV-transmission by the wild Caucasus (by the title ajar against Karl May by the wild Kurdistan and contentwise against the journeys of his colleague Klaus Bednarz against the Baikalsee) it was supported for example by a Ghostwriter.

As explanation for his steep career Fritz Pleitgen says: “I was possessed - and I had impudently much luck”.

Its „Internet offensive accompanying with numerous legal arguments was disputed “in the year 2000, which should support its choice to the pool of broadcasting corporations presidency and among other things to the establishment of Swiss organization World Domain Rights led. Since this time it is written also “Fritz F. Pleitgen " under consulting its second first name Ferdinand, since another journalist complicated into the legal arguments used likewise two first names and this way of writing in the American linguistic area is preferred.

At the end of of 2004 came to Pleitgen again into criticism, after Harald Schmidt was enlisted for a transmission in the pool of broadcasting corporations. The contract with Schmidts production company was closed by the pool of broadcasting corporations daughter Degeto. For the financing the pool of broadcasting corporations had to do without to the transmission the acquisition from rights of cession to sport events.

2004 received Fritz Pleitgen the culture price of the German Freimaurer.

Fritz Pleitgens term of office as a director of the WDR ends in July 2007.

Pleitgen is married and has four children.


interview with important personalities


  • by the wild Caucasus (2000)
  • the deprivation of citizenship - together with wolf Biermann (2001)
  • the quiet nose, journey by a torn country - together with the pool of broadcasting corporations Poland correspondent Annette Dittert (2004)
  • the sport on the television



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